Friends of Bolivia fundation, Inc.

Oklahoma City, OK, EE. UU.



All personal costs for travel on the mission trips is provided by each individual on the trip. No one receives any pay or remuneration. All the management, planning and work done for this organization is strictly on a volunteer basis.

Because of this, Friends of Bolivia is one of the few charitable organizations that can say that nearly 100% of the donated money goes directly to help the needy by purchasing medicines and supplies for the missions.

Our only annual fundraiser is a silent auction and spaghetti dinner held at St. Eugene’s Catholic Church. It is sponsored by the Knight of Columbus (St. Eugene Council 10822). We are so grateful for their generous help and support in our effort.

If you would like to make a donation please contact us via our Contact Information.

Friends of Bolivia also has T-shirts and CD’s of Bolivian music available for purchase. If you interested in either of these please contact us.

Jim & Madalene Corsoro – Founders of the Spaghetti Dinner
Dr. Steve Chastain, DDS with some Bolivian children in Chulumani. Dr. Chastain is the Founder/Organizer of the Annual Friends of Bolivia Auction